...to find or not to find...

23 Jan 2008
8:12 PM

Curse you, Venona

Dan solved a new puzzle cache last night relating to Venona. He asked me to go along on the hike this morning to find the cache. Cache was easy to find, but it did require a 6 mile round trip in Del Valle. Despite the weather, it didn’t rain on us.

18 Jan 2008
5:51 PM

One on Isabelle

While Karen was having an adventure in San Francisco I mostly worked on considering an upgrade in the email service for CGCC. For a little break, I ran out to get a Jamba Juice and to find Another Lonely Pine.

12 Jan 2008
5:36 PM

Hiking on Pleasanton Ridge

With some sunny weather today, Karen and I decided to hike, and I chose Pleasanton Ridge from the south (main) trailhead. Lots of folks were doing the same, but since we took the cutoff onto single-track, we didn’t see too many people. After gaining the ridge, we followed the Ridgeline Trail north until we came to Antzz. We had come to this cache last November from the Longview trailhead, but couldn’t find it. Then the cache was replaced the next day.

I couldn’t find it today either. Either I’m completely clueless about where to look, or the near hurricane force winds we had recently (especially up on the ridge top) blew it away.

On the way down we took a different route and stopped to find Put a Cork in It. We ended up with 5.6 miles on our track log.

1 Jan 2008
9:55 PM

Morgan Territory, Finley Road trailhead

Dan, Janet, Karen, and I hiked from the Finley Road trailhead up into Morgan Territory and Mt. Diablo State Park. It’s a beautiful area. We found 6 caches (all there are in the area) and hiked about 6 miles.

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