by Cap'n Finder

6 Jan 2008
9:44 AM

Revised web site with new hosting arrangement

Since it’s inception in 2005, this site has been hosted on a Mac (OS9) running WebStar as the server app. The Mac, the OS, and WebStar are all obsolete.

I’ve just completed moving and upgrading this site. Hosting is now provided by a commercial service, rather than my own Mac. And, the tool-set available is very modern. Unfortunately, that meant this old dog had to learn some new tricks (like PHP, linux permissions, file naming conventions, etc.) But I think I managed it, and the site will certainly be faster and much more reliable.

23 Dec 2005
4:10 PM


Why do I geocache?

I find that an interesting question, and the answer seems to be evolving. I did not buy my GPSr (originally a yellow Garmin eTrex) for geocaching, but for hiking. On several occasions (early season hiking on snow around Bend, OR; in the isolated canyons of southern Utah) the co-pilot and I felt uneasy about losing track of the trail and the way back. I wanted the GPSr to be a confidence builder.

In September 2004, I found my first caches on hiking trails in Idaho and I began thinking about how cache hunting would fit with our love of the outdoors and hiking. This has certainly proven to be true (at least for me), but I also find a compelling urge to find micro-caches hidden in urban and suburban areas. I guess it’s like mountain climbing. Why do it? Because they are there to be found!

23 Jul 2005
4:57 PM

Why, indeed?

Frivlas asked in a GBA forum why people geocache, which caused me to dig a little deeper into my motivations. Reasons others gave included getting into the outdoors, finding new places, learning about new things, and meeting new people. Those are benefits that I resonate with, but all those are possible without geocaching.

There must be more to it than that. I enjoy problem solving. In my day as a hardware/software designer, I loved debugging. I got a real sense of satisfaction from knocking out a bug. (Which leads to the obvious question, would my designs have been more reliable if I had hated debugging?) I like the challenge of the hunt in geocaching. I like the satisfaction of finding a cleverly hidden cache.

In addition, I’m somewhat competitive and compulsive. I like to see the log numbers get bigger. I check the Bay Area leader’s page to see if I can move up another spot or two. I have felt out of sorts when other things keep me from going geocaching (and maybe that’s actually moving from compulsion to addiction).

2 Jan 2005
9:27 PM

Paperless Caching

I have just started paperless geocaching. More about this later.

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