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28 Jun 2008
9:52 PM


I left the motel in Carson City before 6 AM and headed directly to Top of the world 2. Easily found the correct approach, but the road became rockier, narrower, and steeper. Glad I didn’t need to turn around. When I got to the end of the road (a comm tower on top of a peak) I expected the cache to be nearby. Unfortunately, the GPSr still pointed a few tenths of a mile away. Since the indicated location didn’t match up with the description, the difficulty ratings, or the hint, I figured the coords were in error. I tried a couple of digit transpositions, but they still didn’t make sense. Finally just resorted to using the clue and searching all possible locations that seemed to correspond, and finally located the cache. Woo hoo, an FTF!

I did make it back to meet up with the rest of the group on time. The plan was to drive to South Lake Tahoe for the Strike Gold in the Blue World event. We got the info for that event, but then decided we’d rather just go caching.

Brad led us on a route from Kingsbury grade north to highway 50 on Spooner summit. That turned a little rough in spots. Brad got a flat tire on his Jeep (sidewall puncture), and then led us on a dead end road (mistakenly) that ended with some rock climbing I couldn’t figure out how to get the Ridgeline to do. As the following photo, taken by Sue Brown shows, the road got a little narrow too.

We finished the day with dinner at another event (a poorly planned one) and then I left for the long drive home.

27 Jun 2008
9:12 PM


In the morning I headed east on Highway 50 out of Carson City to Dayton, and then roamed around (mostly on dirt) to the south of Dayton. Picked up a dozen caches in this area and enjoyed the exploration. I spent quite a bit of time in the afternoon trying to find Top of the world 2 (which would have been an FTF), but didn’t get the right access road and decided to head back to Carson City in order to meet Motorbug and Geobrowns on time.

After dinner with them, we headed out to Virginia City to hunt My Favorite... Rusty Stuff that had frustrated Brad before. None of the rest got to look for it though; Brad walked up and found it immediately. It was a clever camo for the area, but clearly didn’t quite fit. Fools people though. We stopped for a couple more on the drive back.

Researching with Google maps after returning to the motel I figured out how to get to Top of the world 2, and decided to go for it very early in the morning, figuring I could get out there, find it, and get back by the time the others finished breakfast.

26 Jun 2008
9:25 PM

Highway 88 to Carson City

I had planned to go with a few of the GBA 4x4 caching crew up to Red Bluff for a couple of days of off-road caching, but last night I just happened to check the fire situation. A lightning caused fire was burning right on one of the main roads we needed to take, so that run was canceled, and a trip to Carson City and Lake Tahoe substituted.

Everyone was going up on the 27th and returning on the 29th, but I decided to go up alone today because I wanted to return Saturday night so I could be at Chase’s baby dedication.

I drove up on highway 88 and picked up my first cache in Jackson. Every so often, I’d stop for one to break up the trip. I specifically stopped at Gayla Manor because we used to visit Nancy and Jerry there before they moved to North Carolina.

I was frustrated at Such a Tragedy. There was an obvious hiding location, but I didn’t see it. Maybe it is there, and I just need really long arms to feel, but not see, it. During the whole time I was searching, the mosquitos were having a feast on me. The nearby spring was a perfect breeding spot for them.

After I got checked in at the motel in Carson City, showered, and had dinner I realized I was tired enough I didn’t want to hunt anymore caches, so I called it a day.

5 Jun 2008
9:16 PM

Island Lake

After breakfast we drove east on highway 20 to very near Emigrant Gap and took Bowman Lake north to the Carr Lake trailhead. Only the last bit of the road was dirt, so a passenger car could make it.

We hiked just a short ways in to Island Lake, where we found a couple of caches. The trail was still snow bound in a lot of places, so our going was slow, although pretty.

After returning to the car, we drove on to Bowman Lake. This was a much rougher road—high clearance required I think. It’s an interesting shelf road in a beautiful, deep canyon. At one spot I think had a cache been at the bottom of the canyon the GPSr would have said it was only 300 ft away, but the straight-line distance would have been at least 2,000 feet. It sure seemed like a cliff to me (’course, I don’t like heights).

4 Jun 2008
9:36 PM

Grass Valley

Karen and I went to Nevada City for an overnight of fun and relaxation. While she window shopped in Grass Valley I did a walking tour of caches close to downtown. Picked up 5 this way. After she was done shopping we drove out of town and looked for some more. There seemed to a prevalence of nanos hidden in a hole in rock or a piece of wood, so they weren’t easy. We found another 4, but had some frustrating hunts.

We ate dinner at Cirino’s in Nevada City (very good). It turned out to be the weekly pizza night, so was very busy and thus noisy. We stayed the night at the Northern Queen Inn where I had to be involved in a 2 hour teleconference.

3 Jun 2008
8:34 PM

East San Jose with Dan

Dan and I had a free day, so I planned a trip that would start with the bunch of caches at Penitencia Creek. After we got there it turns out Dan and Janet had already found a bunch of them. No matter, there were lots more to choose from. These were mostly in city parks and along suburban streets—nothing particularly memorable. I found 19 caches for the half day or so we hunted.

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