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26 Jul 2008
9:02 PM

With Cortnie

I solved Dave’s Tally Marks puzzle, so this morning I asked Cortnie if she wanted to hunt some geocaches with me (and she did). We tracked Tally Marks down with a bit of searching in cracks, and then drove out to get 5 Pillars Farm 4 Cache (easy).

Since we were doing well, I asked if she wanted to do some more (she did), so I took her to Vort Max (where she was good cover). In addition, there was a big swim meet in progress and cars were parked everywhere. I had the solution to this puzzle a couple of years ago, but couldn’t find the cache, and kind of gave up on it. Today, the vegetation (where I thought it would be hidden) was completely cut back, and new hints indicated it wasn’t there anyway. Found it after a bit of checking.

On our way back, we stopped for Pocket Park, and again she was excellent cover near the playground.

25 Jul 2008
8:30 PM


I drove Mark, Annmarie, and Chase to SFO early this morning for their flight to Cancun, and then stayed for the rest of the morning for some caching in the area. Picked up 10 caches, mostly along the bay.

22 Jul 2008
9:32 PM

Contra Costa canal trail by bike

Dan and I took the bikes and rode the Contra Costa canal trail from Arbolado Park in Walnut Creek to Highway 4 in Martinez. We found 25 caches in a round-trip of over 25 miles. I was toast when we finished—probably dehydrated at bit. In the last mile there a steep bump and both quads cramped. Took me a few minutes to even get my leg over the seat to dismount and walk up the hill.

This evening I tagged along with Dan and Dave to pick up a puzzle (Thou art the hunten one) that Dan had solved. I figured out the solution later.

16 Jul 2008
8:39 PM

Three Creeks Road and Whychus Creek

After yesterday’s hiking, we figured we could use an easy day, so we headed out to the Sisters area again. Coffee, of course, was the first order of business, but then we picked up Eagle Rock II. I had DNF’d this one on 2 different years, so it was gratifying to finally find it.

We also found Pederson Ridge Cache, and found the easy way to drive close to it. The last time we looked for this one (also a DNF) we bushwhacked about .5 mile in to it.

We also drove out to Whychus Creek to pick up two new caches (but not FTFs). This was a beautiful drive with spectacular views of the Sisters. We pulled out the camp chairs and read for a while beside the roaring rapids in the creek.

15 Jul 2008
8:57 PM

East Lake, Newberry crater

Our area of the day was the Newberry National Volcanic Monument. Two caches were activated yesterday and I figured we had a chance to score FTFs on them. We needed to climb a thousand feet up to the crater rim from East Lake and totaled 7 miles round trip. We did indeed get 2 FTFs as well as a D3.5 T4.5 cache (overrated, in my opinion).

14 Jul 2008
9:21 PM

Cascade Lakes

We headed up Cascade Lakes Highway past Mount Bachelor to the Green Lakes trailhead. I think this is our favorite day hike ever. It’s 4.5 miles in to the Green Lakes, following a nice rushing (actually, today it was roaring with snow melt) stream. We made it in a couple of miles to where the trail was completely covered with snow. From that point, the trail ascends steeply up switchbacks, and we thought that would not be too enjoyable. It was surprising to still have snow. Apparently, there were some late, heavy snow storms.

Doing ourselves no favors, after returning to the car we drove to the Mirror Lakes trailhead and then bushwhacked though forest and lava ridges to PMOGUY’s Swimming Hole (rated a T4). That was about a 1.2 mile round trip to a small round pond with no surface inlet or outlet. We were hot enough to swim, but the surface of the lake wasn’t very appealing, with a lot of pollen and debris.

We also did Port Deception, at Devils Lake. The high snow melt raised the lake level enough that I had to get my feet wet for the first stage of this cache. By the way, that’s icy cold water!

13 Jul 2008
8:52 PM

Metolius River

Today we did morning coffee in Sisters followed by a drive out to the Metolius River where we picked up 4 caches in a hike along the river.

12 Jul 2008
9:46 PM

The Ochocos

To do something different in the area, we headed east to Prineville and then on into the Ochoco Mountains north of highway 26. We explored several roads and did short hikes to the caches. Two of the caches were at old cinnabar mines with some interesting mining ruins around. In general, the roads were very good and there are plenty of caches left to warrant a return trip.

11 Jul 2008
9:12 PM

Redmond and Sisters

For our first day in the Bend area, we decided to take it easy and just goof around in Sisters. After taking our time enjoying coffee at our favorite coffee place, Karen hit the unique stores and I looked for a cache. We picked up a couple more caches on our drive back to Bend for dinner. It was not a great caching day because we had a few frustrating DNFs.

5 Jul 2008
8:23 PM

Walnut Creek

Dan and I headed to Walnut Creek for a day of caching. We started in Lime Ridge. Most all of the caches I had found there previously have been archived and there are now new ones.

After hiking in Lime Ridge, we broke out the bikes and found a few along the canal trail. Then we found a few puzzle caches Dan had solved.

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