Bay Area Quadrangle Challenge

Statistics Summary

Number of quads completed (out of 70): 19
Total miles hiked: 94.1
Average miles hiked per quad: 5.0

9 Feb 2008
1:11 PM

Los Gatos (13)

GC8C1E El Sombroso

This was a long hike (death march designation) with several GBA cachers. Karen came too.

GC57D7 Stake me (New Construction)

After doing ANX, Dan, Janet, Karen, and I did a number of caches at St. Joseph’s Hill. This was the farthest out cache we did for 4.95 miles. 2/3/07

I may do another longer hike in this quad, like starting at Woods Road, west (UP) to GC8C1E El Sombroso. There’s probably a dozen on that trail. More than 10 mile hike.

30 Jun 2007
11:31 AM

Mindego Hill (4)

GC10JX8 Toad in the Hole

Karen, Dan, and I hiked in Los Trancos and picked up all the caches in this open space with a total of 4 miles of hiking. This cache was probably the farthest from the trailhead. We also hiked a ways along Alpine Road and along the Ancient Oaks trail in Russian Ridge. For the day we picked up 22 caches.

23 Jun 2007
11:39 AM

La Costa Valley (5.8)

Went on a killer hike up Flag Hill with Dan, Janet, and Karen for a total of 5.8 miles.

GC21CD Fun With Flags

This was only the second cache we came to, but it was the one we worked hardest for since it was at the peak of a steep climb. I found 9 caches on the trip (not all on the hike).

21 Mar 2007
3:25 PM

Livermore (4.73)

GC112HZ Take a Hike

After showers last night, it turned into a very beautiful, sunny afternoon so I decided to take a hike from home and go get this relatively new cache. Got in a 4.73 mile walk.

19 Mar 2007
9:21 PM

Tassajara (6.0)

GC11AVP Canadian on the Rocks

Dan and I drove Morgan Territory Road (picking up caches on the way) and then hiked (6 miles) for a few in Round Valley. About half the hike was off trail, especially going to Canadian on the Rocks, which looked to be one of the highest points in the park. We had about a 900 ft climb to get there.

5 Mar 2007
2:44 PM

Woodside (7.73)

GC10QX2 Stump Tree

I drove to Woodside and then north on Skyline to a trailhead at El Corte Madera Creek open space. By starting on Skyline (top of the ridge) everything was inititially downhill. Paid the price for that on the return. This area is mostly second growth redwood, although I did see one huge old growth tree.

The trails were deserted and it’s a very quiet area (no traffic noise). I ended up finding 13 of 13 caches on a 7.73 mile hike.

17 Feb 2007
4:44 PM

Petaluma (2.4)

GCJF3M Ghandi’s Path

We parked on the road to avoid a $5 parking fee and picked up 4 caches in Helen Putnam Regional Park just outside of Petaluma. It’s a nice park with lots of trails (although they are all close together). Got in 2.4 miles of hiking.

17 Feb 2007
2:30 PM

Novato (5.8)


We started from Lucas Valley Road and did a bunch of Star Wars caches (this is right next to Skywalker Ranch) and ended with this one. We found 11 caches on this hike and covered 5.8 miles.

27 Jan 2007
2:50 PM

Newark (5.26)

GCH3M0 Indian Montage

Dan, Janet, Karen, and I had a nice afternoon walking at Coyote Hills in the Newark quadrangle. We gathered the hints from the 6 Indian Mini-Montage caches in the park, and then found this cache as the final. The total hiking distance was 5.26 miles.

24 Jan 2007
12:26 PM

Niles (5.5)

GCF1D2 United 615

I did a nice hike in Garin Regional Park starting from the Tamarack Drive trailhead. The round trip out to this cache and back was 5.5 miles. This was a nice climb too, with a view of the bay, but the haze was pretty thick today and I couldn’t see much.

18 Jan 2007
2:08 PM

Palo Alto (5)

GCKYD0 Dish Drink

Karen and I hiked around the Stanford Dish (radio telescope) on a mostly paved trail. We started at the upper northwest corner and made a loop counterclockwise. This cache was the farthest away and our total loop hike was 5 miles.

15 Jan 2007
2:36 PM

Walnut Creek (4.25)

GCY8A8 Twin Pond Loop

Originally I used GCV2ED Local Highlights in Briones to satisfy this quad, but today I did a nice afternoon hike in Diablo Foothils/Shell Ridge for 4.25 miles. I didn’t have a trail map, and this one turned into a bit of a longer hike than I anticipated, but it worked out fine and I enjoyed it.

15 Jan 2007
12:04 PM

Diablo (2.17)

GCX4EB It’s Alive

I started near the main parking area of Oak Hills Park (although the parking lot is closed due to construction) and picked up a number of the newer caches in the park. This particular cache was a toughy. I searched for quite a while, then went on to get another couple before coming back and searching again. Finally found it! The total on my hike was 2.17 miles.

I’ve marked this quad as one in which I may take a longer hike.

13 Jan 2006
3:26 PM

San Jose West (2.8)

GCRT1Z Where’s the dam cache?

After the Fifty is Nifty event at the Sonoma Chicken Coop (and the concurrent Venona banner recovery activities) Dan, Janet, and I hiked along the Los Gatos Creek trail to pick up a number of caches, including this one. Our total hike along the creek was 2.8 miles.

I’ve marked this quad for another possibly long hike and I’m interested in GC4695 The Fellowship of the Ring.

9 Jan 2007
12:35 PM

Benicia (3.6)

GCXF19 Mooove outa our way

After Karen’s medical appointment in Walnut Creek we continued on to Crockett and hiked a bit in Crockett Hills Regional Park. We’ve never been in this area before. The trail climbs up to a ridge with some good views of Carquinez Strait and the bay over towards Mt. Tam (although it was a bit too hazy today). We didn’t have a lot of time, but we found 4 on a 3.6 mile hike.

3 Jan 2007
12:55 PM

Briones Valley (5.6)

GCG8DK Alhambra Headwaters

Dan, Karen, and I hiked in Briones Regional Park, starting in the Walnut Creek quad where we found several caches. At the end of our hike we got far enough west to just barely get into this quad. Since we found caches in two quads on a single hike, I’ll count the 5.6 total miles in this quad.

27 Dec 2006
12:43 PM

Hayward (3)

Wickander 3 GCPN8H

Dan, Janet and I went to Hayward to work on the Wickander Series caches. While we DNF’d several of them, we had a nice hike down and back up the Wickander creek trail for a total of 3 miles.

2 Dec 2006
12:20 PM

Clayton (2.5)

GCPMDK Rock Face Vista

To celebrate Mark’s birthday we hiked from Castle Rock park along the creek trail all the way to the gate into Diablo State Park. We covered 2.5 miles in the process.

24 Nov 2006
3:44 PM

Las Trampas Ridge (5)

GCQJ6Z Las Trampas Public Key Exchange

We picked up this cache and quad while hiking in Las Trampas with Karen, Dan, and Janet. It was a nice 5 mile hike.

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