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29 Jan 2007
9:01 PM

Del Valle

Dan called and wanted to hike in Del Valle and get as far as Ker-Splash, which I’ve already found. We started at the trailhead just below the dam and hiked up the hill to get Missing Post. It had truly been missing the last time we went up there.

From there we made the long trek out to Ker-Splash. Total hike was 7.7 miles.

27 Jan 2007
9:14 PM

Coyote Hills

We (Dan, Janet, Karen, and I) decided to hike in Coyote Hills today, even though the weather forecast was for a few showers. It was cloudy on the drive over, but cleared as we started walking. Our main objective was to complete the Indian Montage series. This consisted of finding clues in 6 caches and getting the coordinates for the final puzzle cache. We completed the series with a hike of 5.26 miles. Just after we’d found the final, there was a full rainbow, although we never got any of the sprinkles on us. I’ll count Indian Montage as my designated cache find for the Newark quadrangle in the Bay Area Quad challenge.

After leaving Coyote Hills, we did a few more nearby caches, and ended the day with a total of 11 caches.

24 Jan 2007
2:54 PM

Garin (Niles quad)

I did a nice hike in Garin Regional Park starting from the Tamarack Drive trailhead and picked up 2 caches in a 5.5 mile round trip. I’ll count United 615 as the find for the Niles quad in the Bay Area quad challenge. I’m now up to 13 of 70 quads with a total of 40.3 miles hiking (3.1 mile average hike per quad).

21 Jan 2007
9:04 PM

Morgan Territory Road

Dan suggested we drive Morgan Territory Road this afternoon. It was a nice day for such a drive. This is a very narrow road, but I think we only met one car. Some of the caches we found were on the east side of Mt. Diablo state park. Those are interesting trail heads and may deserve a hike to check them out. Altogether we found seven caches.

18 Jan 2007
5:01 PM

Palo Alto

Karen and I started at Ikea in East Palo Alto shortly after opening and took the grand tour of the store--even bought a couple of small things.

Afterward we drove to the east end of Embarcadero and took a short walk along the shoreline trail and found Flyway Reststop II.

Then we drove to an entrance to the Dish Loop trail (around the Stanford Dish) on the northwest corner. We covered 5 miles total and picked up just 2 caches. But I’ll claim Dish Drink as a find in the Palo Alto quad (for the Bay Area quad challenge).

So far, I’ve done 12 quads (out of 70) with a total of 34.8 miles.

15 Jan 2007
7:46 PM


I started with a walk in Oak Hills Park (next to Monte Vista High School on Round Valley Road) where I picked up 7 caches. The hardest one was It’s Alive--the camo just blended in so well. I looked for a long time, then left to go find some others in the park, then returned. Found it after a bit. For now I’ll count this cache for a 2.17 mile hike in the Diablo quad (Bay Area Quad challenge). Maybe I’ll get a longer hike in this quad before I finish all the quads.

Next I went to a nearly secret trailhead (Green Valley Trail) close to the end of Round Valley Road and picked up 3 caches in 1.25 miles.

Finally, I hiked from the Livorna Road trailhead to pick up Octagon and Twin Pond Loop (4.25 miles). I thought this was in the Diablo quad, but it’s in the Walnut Creek quad (and so is Briones, where I had a longer hike).

13 Jan 2007
7:38 PM

San Jose event, Venona, and caches

Dan, Janet, and I spent the day in San Jose. We started with an event at the Sonoma Chicken Coop in Campbell and it was fun to see a few of the cacher acquaintances again. We concluded the event with a Venona activity (to rescue a hostage geocaching banner), but interestingly, the folks who know how to do ciphers and stuff didn’t bring their tools (laptops). Fizzy finally gave an answer and with a little work the coords were derived. A bunch of us hiked over to a parking structure to make the recovery. (And I forgot to bring the camera from the car).

Afterward, we found another dozen nearby caches, including the notable AN 2.5 and AN 8 (Assume Nothing caches are known for incredible camoflauge).

We did a 2.8 mile hike along the Los Gatos Creek trail, so I’ll count Where’s the dam cache? as my find for the San Jose West quad in the Bay Area Quad Challenge. That puts me to 10 quads and 26.8 miles total hiking.

9 Jan 2007
4:51 PM

Crockett Hills

After Karen’s appointment in Walnut Creek we continued on to Crockett and hiked a bit in Crockett Hills Regional Park. We’ve never been in this area before. The trail climbs up to a ridge with some good views of Carquinez Strait and the bay over towards Mt. Tam (although it was a bit too hazy today). We didn’t have a lot of time, but we found 4 on a 3.6 mile hike. Mooove Outa Our Way was the one I’ll count towards the Quad Challenge (picking up the Benicia quad). So far I have 9 quads and total hiking of 24 miles.

5 Jan 2007
8:50 PM

Livermore quad

It was a very clear but breezy and chilly day--seemed like a good day to get a few local caches. First of all I checked on LBT 1. The last two logs were DNFs by experienced cachers. It’s just a hard one to find, probably mostly by misdirection. The cache is not hidden in the most obvious place.

Alien Java turned out to require a short, but steep, hike. This is the area where I was planning to hide a cache, but the grass fire caused me to hold off. Then I just procrastinated. I think there may still be room in this pre-park for another cache.

3 Jan 2007
9:28 PM

Briones Hike

Karen, Dan, and I went to Briones Regional Park today. We had a very nice five plus mile hike while finding 6 caches in two quads.

I chose Local Highlights (GCV2ED) in the Walnut Creek quad, and Alhambra Headwaters (GCG8DK) in the Briones Valley quad.

1 Jan 2007
8:02 PM

New Year’s day in Morgan Territory

Today Mark, Annmarie, and the girls wanted to go hiking, so I suggested a few places and they liked Morgan Territory. We parked at the main parking area and then took the Molluk trail on the west side of the road. The wind was a little stiff on the ridge tops, but it was clear enough to see a whole bunch of the snow topped Sierra crest. We got far enough out that I could make a quick run for Ma Morgan’s Territory (GCG3G7) and claim it as a quad completed for the Bay Area Quadrangle Challenge.

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